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Dear Bachelor and Master freshmen,

we would like to welcome you.
In the next few weeks you will be informed about introductory events, dates, etc. on our website as well as by mail.

If you have any important questions, please send us an email or a DM on Instagram.

Currently we already have a few dates for you. More detailed information and times will follow in the next weeks.
Some of the events will run with pre-registration. You will receive more information here and by mail.

   Bachelor Master
14.October City Ralley pre-registration      
15.October Bar Tours pre-registration      
17.October Freshmen introduction        
  Uni Tours        
18.October Bar Tours pre-registration  18.October Bar Tours pre-registration
19.October City Ralley pre-registration  19.October City Ralley pre-registration
20.October Beer Run pre-registration  20.October Beer Run pre-registration


We are looking forward to seeing you. 

Your Freshmen-Organization-Teams