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Starting off at a new University (especially if your also new to the country) is always confusing and complicated. We’re here to help you as best as we can!

We’ve pretty much described, listed or linked here everything we could think of for Freshers at our TUM on one Page. 

Bachelor Civil/Environmental Engineering
You can find everything you need to know about the course of studies and its structure in your Bachelor degree here:

Civil Engineering Bachelor

Environmental Engineering Bachelor

Questions considering scope of Studies Bachelor

Should you find no answers in Introduktion Bachelors Program , or can’t find your answers on the above listed TUM pages or Google, feel free to send an e-mail to ersti.fsbgu@ed.tum.de. We are happy to help you further.

Lesson Plan Bachelor

You will be receiving your timetable at the introductory event. This will take place on tbd. (see Calender ). Preliminary timetables are published on the university’s collabwiki (links: Bau/Umwelt). Although the current timetables are uploaded quite late, they usually change little from year to year. Better still is to put together your own timetable in the TUM online portal. To do this, register for the courses of the first semester. Your courses will then be automatically entered into the calendar (also accessible via TUM-Online).

Mandatory internship Bachelor

Civil and environmental engineers must complete a six-week internship in consecutive periods of at least three weeks by one month before the end of the second semester. Your internship should be related to your studies. You can find out more about the internship on the website of the Praktikantenamts.

The exams always take place during the lecture-free period, which is why the days off are relatively limited. It is therefore strongly recommended that you complete the majority of your compulsory internship before the start of your studies.

Master Civil/Environmental
You can find everything you need to know about the courses and its structures here:

Environmental Engineering Masters

Civil Engineering Masters

Questions regarding the start if your Master’s course

Should you not find anything in Introduktion Master Program, nor on the TUM sites or Google, feel free to right an e-mail to info.fsbgu@ed.tum.de . We are happy to help you further.

General Information

Student Card

If you entered a valid German address during your application phase, the Student Card will be sent to you automatically after enrollment. This may take some time. You can check the status of your card on TUM Online. It is your student ID (with photo), which you must also use to identify yourself for examinations. The Student Card is also the only means of payment for canteens, cafeterias and almost all cafeterias and espresso bars on the TUM campus. It is your library card and your access card for the FSBGU study rooms and CIP pools.

You can find out more about the Student Card or if you encounter problems here.


You will need your Student Card for the canteen, which you can top up with money at the machines in the entrance hall of the canteen. However, this will be shown to you during the university tour. In addition to the canteen, the student card is also valid as a means of payment in the cafeterias, in the library (Kopierstel-le) etc.. The only places you can pay with cash are the Audimax Café and in the Crazy Bean Café below the canteen.

You can find out more about the canteens and Stu Cafes here.


Your student ID card also serves as your library card. You can reserve study rooms/seats online in the library here.

You can get more information about the library during our guided tours in the first week of lectures and at www.ub.tum.de


Since winter semester 2023/24 there is the 29-Euro Ticket / Deutschland Ticket for students in Bavaria which you can order in a subscription format via the MVG portal. You will need your certificate of enrollment for this. Your ticket is then valid for one semester and must be renewed when you upload your new certificate of enrollment in the next semester.

You can find everything about BAföG here.

Language courses

The TUM Language Center offers free language courses for students.
Especially for the popular languages (most of them) a quick registration is necessary to get a course place. The registration process for the winter semester is via TUM-Online.

You can find out more about registration and the languages offered on the Language Center website.

Important Dates

All TUM dates and deadlines can be found here: Dates and deadlines – TUM. You can find all our dates under General Information and in our calendar.


HS 1200…0320…N1190…1180…2750…N6…2300 You’re probably wondering where a system is supposed to exist here. Well, it’s actually not that complicated.

The entire university complex is divided into different buildings, which have different numbers and – if they are not directly connected to the main building – have also been given a letter (N for Nordbau for example). Now you just have to remember what the individual digits of the four-digit numbers stand for.

If there is no letter in front of the room number (usually “N” for Nordbau), it is the main building

The first digit indicates the floor (0 – first floor, 1 – second floor, etc.) Note: in Nordbau 1 (N1), the numbering only starts on the first floor (0 – second floor, 1 – second floor, etc.)

The second digit indicates the building (1 – building 1, 2 – building 2, etc.)

The last two digits indicate the consecutive numbering of the rooms. At http://portal.mytum.de/campus/roomfinder/ you will find a practical room finder. Under the room name you can click on the links, which then show detailed maps.


Central University Sports (ZHS) offers numerous sports activities for students. For a small fee per semester, you will receive a membership card. You must first register online for a ZHS card and then pick it up at the university with your student ID and passport photo. Most of the offers are located on the TUM campus in the Olympiapark. Opening hours, prices and offers can be found in the flyers available everywhere at the beginning of the semester on their website


TUM-Online is our online portal that accompanies you during your application and is also the central point of contact for putting together timetables and registering for exams, among other things. The functions of the portal are not always easy to understand, which is why you will receive a small booklet with explanations on your first day. The IT Service Center has also created useful YouTube tutorials. You will also find your timetables via TUM-Online. For your first semester, however, we will hand out your timetables at the introductory event and upload them to our homepage in due course.