The AKV-team supports you with the most recent former exam sheets for your courses as well as the most important standards.

We only offer Bachelor's exams because the variety of Master's subjects is too great.

We collect the exam sheets from the various chairs, so it might be possible that we not always get instruction and answer sheets.

The variety of former-exams has been ever-increasing over the last few years.
So if you don’t find the needed exam on our list of former-exam sheets, just write us and we will try to help you out.

At the beginning of the semester there are no dates of sale for the former-exams, but you can buy all the standards you will need.
Just send us a mail at  to make sure we have the standard you need.

Old Exam Sale 20.07.2022


On Wednesday the 20.07.2022 the sale of old exams will take place. 

You can register for it now at
The deadline for registration is 17.7.2022.

Don't forget to confirm your appointment with the link in the registration email.

There are old exams for the following subjects:

  • Hydromechanik
  • Verkehrstechnik und Verkehrsplanung (eine Klausur)
  • Verkehrswegebau Grundmodul Aufgabensammlung
  • Verkehrswegebau Grundmodul 2. Teil
  • Holzbau Grundkurs
  • Massivbau Grundkurs Aufgabensammlung
  • Massivbau Ergänzungskurs Aufgabensammlung
  • Werkstoffe im Bauwesen
  • Technische Mechanik I+II
  • Bau und Umweltinformatik I

It is important that you write the subjects you want to buy in the comment field.

It is not possible to send the exams as printouts or PDFs.
However, some old exams are or will be published via the Moodle courses.

If you have any questions, please contact: