The international office of the student council of civil, environmental and geo engineers is formed by a number of students who deal with all international affairs at our faculty from a student perspective.

This includes the support of international students at the faculty, but also the formation of an international network.

Supporting international students at the faculty

There are various international students at our faculty: common Erasmus- and TUMexchange-students, regular students in both Bachelor and Master programs, double degree students from a partner university abroad and so on.

The international office attempts to inform all these groups about the work of the student council and our services by special information evenings and notices, which are published in English. But the most important thing is that you see that you are an integral part of the student body of civil, environmental and geo engineers at TUM just as any German student. And as a part of this student body, you can address us concerning every problem in your day-to-day student life!

Forming an international network

Concerning the formation of an international network, we have to differentiate generally between two types of partnerships.

It often starts with a student council from a university abroad, who is planning a study trip to Munich to see the architectural and constructional highlights. We help these groups by recommending visits or by supporting them regarding their organization. During the stay of these student groups in Munich, meetings between our student council members, the international office and the guests take place, which often build a basis for further cooperation.

But we also established good relations to some student councils abroad over the years, so that we meet regularly and discuss different approaches to affairs of university policy or general student problems.


The FSBGU International Committee presents:

GERMAN & BEER 🍻 - a German/English Language Cafe, but with beer!

Come practice your German skills at whatever level you need! We have tables for A1, A2, B1, B2, and C.
Good at German? Come practice English at our general English tables!
Good at both? Come anyways and help others practice, drink some beer, and meet new faces!

🍺 beer is 1 euro each! 🍻

Event is from 15:00 - 17:00 fridays, in room N1160. Come whenever you can, and stay as long as you want!

We recommend bringing a pen and paper to write down new words you learn