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On this webpage, you can find information about your study course and your first days at TUM and our faculty.

Each year, the student council provides the freshmen with a broad program for your first days at university. It consists of information about your studies (organisation, deadlines, etc.) but also social events. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Important dates and deadlines

You can find a list of general dates for all TUM students here. Some important ones are listed below:

first day of the winter term 2016/2017: 01.10.2017
first day of the lecture period: 16.10.2017
official freshmen reception: 16.10.2017
seminar of the student council: 24.11. - 26.11.2016
Brückenfest (party organized by the student council) : 06.12.2017
last day of the lecture period: 11.02.2018
deadline for semester fees for summer term 2017: 15.02.2018
end of the winter term 2016/2017: 31.03.2018
first day of the summer term 2017: 01.04.2018
first day of the lecture period in summer term 2017: 09.04.2017

Bachelor courses

Master courses