Welcome to the page of the Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering Student Council
of the 'Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering'.


We are not employees of the university, but normal students who are involved in the university beyond their own studies.

With all problems you have in connection with your studies, we want to support you as much as we can.
Our group is open to everyone who studies in this department, and we welcome every new face.

Here you can openly express your opinion, ask questions, or just stop by.
There are respective contact persons for different areas, such as the individual representations in the department or School of ED and university-wide, as well as the individual services.

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Rooms & Meeting


Our rooms are located on the top floor of the Nordbau in the eastern bridge, room N2157.
There you can find our printers 'Shaun' and 'Pumuckl', as well as our always well-filled fridge 'Urmel' and usually a handful of hard-working student council members.

During the lecture period our meeting always takes place there on Mondays at 7pm.
At these meetings we discuss in detail the topics of the week: from the work in substitutes to our service and events to internal matters. We are always happy to welcome guests (normal service is suspended at this time).
Just come and have a look!

Leisure & Seminar


Working together for a common cause does not have to be hard work, but can also be a lot of fun. That's why we spend a weekend twice a year at the student council seminar, where we not only work in various study groups, but also enjoy socializing with each other.

The joint organization of parties, game nights, and other events also brings people together and is an important part of our work.

Board & Association

Since we as a student council cannot really manage money, we have an association: Fachschaft Bau, Umwelt Vermessung der TU München e.V.
The board of the association represents the Fachschaft externally and takes responsibility in financial and legal matters. They are elected by the members of the association in the semi-annual general meetings of the association.
Since November 2021 we have the following four board members:

Max Horlebein  1. board member, student council speaker 
Alfa Guzman 2. board member, secretary
Jessica Rieblinger   3. board member, Finance Guard
Lisa-Marie Kubitsch   deputy student council representative